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In view of the increasing demand for trained professionals in Malaysia’s capital market, the Securities Commission Malaysia has developed GRP1000, a unique graduate programme that is first of its kind. This programme is developed in collaboration with all industry players in the capital market.

It is a comprehensive graduate programme that is specially designed to train, develop and coach young talents who are interested to be part of Malaysia’s capital market. GRP1000 – or Graduate Representative Programme – is structured to help expand the nation’s talent pipeline for the industry. Through this programme, graduates will develop the necessary skills to be a licensed representative in the capital market. In three years, the Securities Commission hopes to train 1,000 young talents to meet the needs and challenges of Malaysia’s capital market.

Through GRP1000, talents are directly linked with key industry players in a structured framework of training, skills development and knowledge sharing. This in turn will improve the overall quality of skilled talents who will play a vital role in expanding the intermediation activities in Malaysia and contribute towards an orderly growth of the capital market. With the newly added talents to the industry, it is expected to create more retail participation and develop a diverse and vibrant market.

A big opportunity lies ahead of you as the financial leader of tomorrow.

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GRP1000 is set to supply 1000 highly skilled individuals for the capital market industry over a three year period.

Through GRP1000, talents are thoroughly and extensively trained to ensure that they are fully equipped and more than ready to take on the competitive industry.

GRP1000 provides the opportunity to train and work alongside some of the key players in Malaysia’s capital market.

With around 80 participating partners, we are looking for graduates to undertake the following career opportunities

  • Dealing in securities
  • Dealing in derivatives
  • Fund management
  • Advising on corporate finance
  • Investment advice
  • Financial Planning

I am interested. What’s next?

Your gateway to Malaysia’s Capital Markets begins now.

Ensure you are eligible with the following criteria

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Aged 21 to 30 years old upon application
  • Degree holder from any discipline, or
  • Young professionals with 1-2 years of working experience

 Application Process

The application process will help you understand the steps in the recruitment process – you will have a better idea of when you are likely to hear from TalentConnexion and what to expect next.

Step 1

Apply online at www.grp1000.com.my

Step 2

Shortlist candidates will be notified.

Step 3

Candidates are required to attend a preparatory course on the overview of the capital markets and interviewing skills.

Step 4

Candidates’ resumes will be submitted to participating partners whereby selected candidates will be called for interview if they meet the hiring requirements.

Step 5

The successful candidates will be given a letter of offer of employment by the respective participating partner.

Step 6

Training at Securities Commission will take place.


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Participating Partners

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Preparatory Course and Training

What do I have to go through when I am selected?

Coaching for Successful Interviews

This 1-day programme is aimed at equipping graduates with the prerequisite knowledge and preparations for job interviews.
The objective of this programme is to provide understanding and knowledge as well as guidance to graduates to prepare themselves for job interviews.
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the objectives and importance of interviews in the selection of talents
  • Outline the key steps and processes of interviews
  • Prepare themselves for interview in terms of communication, expectation of interviewers, etiquette, dress code and non-verbal behaviours
  • Gain experiential learning through mock interview and role-play sessions

Overview of Capital Markets & Its Career Opportunities

This 1-day preparatory programme is essential to prepare graduates with capital market knowledge before attending an interview with potential employers that participate in the Graduate Representative Programme 1000 (GRP1000). The GRP1000 is an industry-led initiative with the regulator to bring talent into the capital markets and build capacity for the industry. Graduates attending this programme will be exposed to the regulatory framework, rules and regulations, products and the various career opportunities within the capital market.
The objective of this programme is to equip graduates with the necessary knowledge, making them well prepared for their job interviews, thus increasing their employability for various career streams i.e. dealing in securities and derivatives, advising corporate finance, investment advice, fund management and financial planning.
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • outline the functions of capital market, regulatory bodies involved and its market participants
  • describe the roles and responsibilities of a licensed representative
  • appreciate the importance of having the right personalities and attributes to the job
  • Introduction to the Capital Market
  • The Securities Laws
  • Products and Services on Bursa Malaysia
  • Career Opportunities in the capital market
  • Capital Markets Services Representative’s Licence (CMSRL) for Dealing in Securities, Dealing in Derivatives, Advising on Corporate Finance, Investment Advice, Fund Management and Financial Planning
  • Skill requirements/competencies as a licensed person and undertake a personality test

For more details on the preparatory programme, please click here.

Talent Advancement Programme

This is a comprehensive 24-day Talent Advancement Programme, specifically developed as part of the Graduate Representative Programme (GRP1000) to prepare graduates with the necessary technical and soft skills requirement and equip them with the necessary knowledge to become licensed persons. This programme is structured with a clear intention to support the changing business needs and future human capacity building requirement for the industry to meet the aspiration of the Capital Market Masterplan 2.

Graduates attending this programme will be able to comprehend the regulatory framework for the Malaysian capital market, the dynamics of securities and derivatives market and its mechanics, business operations and market conduct, investor profiling and risk management practices and the world economics. Soft skills such as communication, problem solving and decision making are embedded within the learning topics for effective performance of the job functions.

The objective of this programme is to equip graduates with the necessary competency and knowledge to carry out the job function and prepare them for licensing examination in order to be licensed persons to undertake various regulated activities.
By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the various investment products and discuss the business operations and practices
  • Discuss the regulatory framework of the capital market and the expectations of the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Comprehend the global economic drivers that are impacting ASEAN and World Economy
  • Equip and prepare themselves to sit for the licensing examinations
  • Acquire the necessary leadership inter-personal skill
(a) Securities Market
1. Rules and regulation
Regulatory framework and stock market dynamics
Business operations and practices
2. Products and markets
Investment products and mechanics
Fundamental analytics
Trading applications
(b) Derivatives Market
1. Rules and regulation
Regulations and compliance
Business operations and practices
2. Products and markets
Derivatives products
Risk management in derivatives trading
(c) Advising on corporate finance and Investment advice
1. Regulations related to advisory services
2. Corporate finance and strategic management
3. Valuation and financing strategies
4. Fundamental analysis and financial modelling
5. Process flow management
(d) Fund management
1. Regulations for fund management
2. Financial markets and instruments
3. Investment analysis and portfolio management
4. Risk management and compliance monitoring
5. Quantitative methods and research methods
(e) General
1. World economics and professional conduct
Business conduct, client due diligence, relationship and ethics
Behavioral finance, investor risk profiling, client risk management
Market misconduct and securities offences
World economics and global capital market trend analysis
(f) Soft skills/leadership
1. Professional consultative selling skills
2. Problem solving and negotiation
3. Personal branding and body language
4. Performance beyond boundaries
5. Leadership
(g) Exam Simulation

For more details on GRP1000 Talent Advancement Programme, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

About GRP1000

GRP stands for the “Graduate Representative Programme” and is an initiative by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) in collaboration with the industry to attract young graduates to participate in the capital market and provide them with employment opportunities.

More than 80 participating partners are looking for talent to undertake various job opportunities within investment banking, stockbroking and derivatives broking, fund management, corporate finance, investment advice and financial planning.

The online GRP portal is the gateway to connect young graduates who aspire to join the capital market with these prospective employers.

GRP1000 aims to achieve the following objectives:

(a) To build a pipeline of professionals who are equipped with the pre-requisite licenses to operate in the various segments of capital market
(b) To provide graduates with employment opportunities in the industry
(c) To help graduates build specific set of competencies for career progression through a structured training and development programme
(d) To strengthen and promote the competitiveness of the Malaysian capital market with a growing pool of talent trained in the various programmes and enhance their professionalism
In order to achieve high income status and sustained growth, Malaysia requires public and private sector investment in talent development and knowledge-based workers.

Achieving the sustainability of long-term supply of talent is critical for the capital market. As such, a comprehensive and structured training programme with technical and soft skill development have been designed to achieve that intent.

GRP1000 aims at discovering the right talent that is fit for purpose. The programme complements the individual talent development programmes of each participating partner with the overall aim of preparing a competent workforce in a robust and dynamic capital market industry.

The targeted number was formulated based on the talent requirement by capital market industry to support the expected business growth over the next 3 years.
GRP1000 is a 3-year programme aimed at increasing the supply of professional talent for the Malaysian capital market.
Under the Capital Market Masterplan 2, the SC has projected the growth of the Malaysian capital market to increase from RM2 trillion in 2010 to RM4.5 trillion in 2020. Malaysia also hosts the ASEAN Integration in 2015. With that backdrop, this could potentially create a lot of business opportunities that are yet to be tapped regionally at individual and company levels.

There are various career opportunities for entry level in the capital market for executive positions in stockbroking and derivatives broking, corporate finance, investment advice, fund management and financial planning that offer challenging level of responsibilities in view of the competitiveness and complexity of the industry. Additionally, each participating partner develops its own talent pool and successful employees are offered promotional opportunities and long-term career growth. As this industry demands high-performing individuals, the financial rewards also commensurate with the efforts put it by the selected talent.

Programme Structure

(i) Interested applicants need to apply through a centralised GRP1000 portal at www.grp1000.com.my.
(ii) All new applications will be pre-screened in accordance to the minimum entry requirement before being shortlisted for interviews by the participating partners.
(iii) Selected candidates are notified to attend the pre-employment preparatory course which includes:
– Overview of the capital market and learn about career opportunities in the capital market
– Training on interviewing techniques before attending the interview session with participating partners
(iv) Participating partners will then conduct the interview with shortlisted candidates for employment.
(v) Participating partners will issue a formal employment contract to successful candidates.
(vi) At a periodic interval, the selected talent will then undergo the GRP structured training programme and preparatory course for licensing examination before applying for licence to undertake their respective job positions.
(vii) All GRP1000 talents are continuously tracked over a three year period. Post-licensing support is also extended as part of the continuous professional development training.

Admission Requirements

A candidate must fulfil the following criteria in order to be part of this programme:

(a) Malaysian citizens
(b) 21 – 30 years old
(c) Degree holder from any discipline from recognised universities
(d) Minimum CGPA of 2.70
(e) Young professionals with 1-2 years of working experience
(f) No criminal record
(g) Not an undischarged bankrupt
GRP1000 aims to bring in new talent into the capital market. Apart from fresh graduates, the programme is also open for young executives with 1 to 2 years of working experience from any industry and must be below the age of 30.
A candidate must have achieved academic excellence from any discipline from any recognised university and be a self-starter with analytical abilities, results oriented, interested in meeting new people and possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

In addition, each participating partners has its own selection criteria that are tailored to its current needs.

Please log on to www.grp1000.com.my to register and follow the steps.

Job Descriptions

A dealer usually applies his/her financial acumen and market knowledge to offer a wide array of transactions for the clients. The job involves servicing clients’ needs and formulating relevant trading strategies to meet the investment objective. In addition, the licensed dealer also carries out market analysis (technical and fundamental) to obtain greater understanding on the price behaviour of securities and derivatives instruments and provides advice to clients on their investments strategy and trade execution.
A corporate finance adviser usually serves the financial needs of his/her clients by providing financing, investment options and other advisory related services. In doing so, the adviser performs financial analysis including financial modelling, valuation analysis, conducts business due diligence and identifies potential acquisition targets or buyers. The adviser also deals with relevant regulators and other professionals to ensure that the corporate finance transactions are well executed and implemented with market based principles and meet the regulatory requirements.

Research/investment analyst on the other hand provides research and valuation reports covering various sectors of the capital market, analyses the market conditions and makes recommendation on share performance of various public listed companies. The analyst also provides investment ideas to his/her clients and fund managers.

A fund manager provides services to private and corporate clients on the wider range of investment strategies involving many asset classes as part of the portfolio management. He/she must be able to construct a portfolio of investment for the clients based on different scenarios and time horizons as part of the performance optimisation and risk-return reward.
A financial planner establishes the client-adviser relationship by having a deeper understanding on the client’s financial matters and provides recommendation on how to set their personal goals and implement strategies for wealth creation, protection or distribution. The job requires keeping current about developments in financial and capital market products, tax laws and strategies for personal financial management, including retirement and estate planning. Success also requires sales ability, both in the acquisition of new clients and development of new ideas to improve the financial situation of the clients.


Before employment, the shortlisted candidates will undergo a preparatory course on the overview of the capital market and interviewing techniques. Please click here for the programme overview.

Upon being employed, the selected talent will undergo a structured GRP1000 Talent Advancement Programme and preparatory course for licensing examination. This training will be conducted by the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), the training and development arm of the SC. Please click here for the programme overview.

To ensure continuous learning, the selected talent will also have the opportunity for professional skill advancement through structured coaching and on the job training by participating partners. Interactive community and networking with current industry leaders also provide avenues for the selected talent to accelerate their career and personal growth.

If you are selected, training will be provided as part of the GRP1000 programme. You do not need to pay for the training.
Yes, participating partners are allowed to do their own recruitment. However, in order to participate in the GRP1000 training programme, details of the selected talent need to be registered at the GRP1000 portal.
In order to participate in the GRP1000 training, each successful candidate must be offered employment by the respective participating partners. Only hired candidates are eligible to attend the training. The employment status of the selected talent is to be determined by the respective participating partners.
The remuneration packages are determined by the respective participating partners.
The employment terms and conditions of service are determined by the respective participating partners.
The candidate would have to re-sit for the respective licensing examination and the related expenses would have to borne by the participating partners or candidate personally.


Your prospective employers are investments banks, stockbroking and derivatives broking companies, fund management companies, boutique corporate finance advisory companies, investment advisory companies and financial planning companies. In total, there are more than 80 participating partners that are looking for prospective employees to undertake various job positions within the capital market.

Please click here for details of the participating partners.

Hiring decision is at the discretion of each participating partner.
Placement of talent will be based on the needs of the participating partners.
GRP1000 is part of the capacity building initiative identified under the Capital Market Masterplan 2. Its main focus is to ensure a long term supply of talent to support growth for the capital market. Under the GRP1000, a successful candidate is offered employment at the beginning of the programme, unlike other initiatives where employment is offered after completion of the training.
GRP1000 training is a comprehensive programme tailored towards preparing the selected talent to undertake the job function proficiently and be licensed accordingly. It is complementary to participating partner’s in-house programme. Through this programme, the selected talent will have opportunities to network and be mentored by key industry players and senior management.


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